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June 27, 2020 9:01 am
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Hosting companies are the companies behind modern web software and social groups or networks that we see on our web. It is hard to determine the most secure hosting companies given that they use different frameworks and servers for their business purposes. However, there are impressive features that you should look out to determine how secure a hosting company is. Falling for petty tricks like free hosting should be out of topic. Go for reliability and strength. Check out the following features of hosting companies.

Uptime refers to the duration your website is up and running. One of a good sign to know that company is a pretty good hosting company. If your site can spend most of the year online like 99.99% online then you’re safe. Don’t, however, go for the free and advertisement oriented servers. Also, the servers which have quite reduced uptime are poor performance hence you should not trust them.

Another thing to focus on is whether your company provider has daily customer backups. If you hosting provider has such plans then that’s a reliable hosting provider. Hosting provider’s backup centers often are solutions in case of any server break down.

Firewall Employed
A firewall always serves to get rid of useless traffic that is a threat to the server. With a firewall installed on your hosting provider’s server, you’re sure that your website is safe. Your site will not be subjected to terrible and deadly viruses through dangerous online traffic.

Customer Service
An excellent customer service has the better part of proving that indeed these companies value their customers. If you never get responses, or you hardly get them whenever you have a query, then sorry that hosting provider is not a good type. There are questions based on the behavioral change of one’s website. A good company will respond to your queries in real-time since this might be your business.

The Plans
Some hosting providers offer what we call (free hosting), but you should be informed that free hosting is not at all free. The ads displayed and much more complicated control panels are the causes of many infections. Try your best to evade such companies that offer free hosting. Cheap is expensive and don’t be the victim. Don’t lose while thinking you’re saving. Stay safe online.

Hosting providers can be a big bunch of cons that’s why you have to establish that they are laid on concrete foundations. It ascertains that their servers won’t suffer quite often, and that is the 99.99% uptime. There’s no 100% uptime but focusing on reliability will boost your website. Always go for a secure server, the price should not be an issue here. Pay more to stay safe.